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April 15, 2024

Instanosis announces FDA Clearance of InstaStrip Fentanyl

Instanosis Inc, a leading diagnostic company based in Philadelphia, is proud to announce that its innovative InstaStrip-Fentanyl Rapid Test has received FDA clearance. The product is a dipstick test for the qualitative detection of Fentanyl in human urine. InstaStrip Fentanyl is both CLIA-Waived and OTC compliant. The kit detect Fentanyl in human urine at a cutoff of 1 ng/mL.

First-Of-Its-Kind Technology

Instanosis has developed sophisticated technology to further advance the field of diagnostics. Our diagnostics are hundreds of times more sensitive than the state of the art, making us an ideal choice for clinical trials and disease diagnosis and monitoring.

About Us

Instanosis enables rapid and portable detection and quantitation of extremely low concentrations of biomarkers across many diseases. Our first-of-its-kind technology platforms are hundreds of times more sensitive than state-of-the-art, at much lower cost, leading to accurate and instantly actionable results and cost savings for research, clinical trials, disease diagnosis and monitoring.

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We partner with other organizations around the globe to further advance our diagnostic technology.

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